Get constant colds? Want to prevent osteoporosis? Suffer from constipation and you look for the perfect fruits for people with cancer, would like to make your heart stronger and have a great eye sight?

It’s very simple, get some pineapple.

Why consume pineapple?


With just 165 grams of pineapple can contribute to get some of the nutrients such as potassium, fiber, good carbs, protein, healthy sugars, vitamin A, calcium, iron and needless to say tons of vitamin C.


You can eat it without any regrets of adding cholesterol to your body since it has zero fats! Sounds amazing right?


Also you can take advantage of the pineapple shell as well (the outer part of the pineapple)


It can be used in a refreshing sangria, tea, yogurt, salads and lots of different ways.


As follows, five ways pineapple is used for:

1. You have a cold?


The University of Maryland Medical Center did a research and found that Vitamin C as well as the components found in the pineapple, are able to reduce mucus from the nose and throat. So instead of buying canned juices or even some fruits that are not even good, you can enjoy some chunks of pineapple and watch how your health gets better.

2. Afraid of osteoporosis?


Pineapple is a great provider of manganese which is in charge of developing the bone tissue.


It has been recommended by experts since it can prevent Osteoporosis in women going through menopause since this miraculous fruit has 75% of the necessary mineral.

3. Dealing with constipation?


No more suffering with this awful feeling, since pineapple has fiber it can keep your bowels healthy. This fruit contains a lot of bromelain which is an enzyme that helps decomposing proteins that help your digestion. 


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4. Proven to fight cancer


Until now the prevailing treatment against cancer is the chemotherapy which it gets rid of bad cells as well as good cells but after a few years of research it has been proven that some natural components of pineapple can neutralize the cells that produce cancer without harming the rest.


According to Dr. Mercola, bromelain is one of those components and of course, found in pineapple.

5. Want to strength your eyesight and heart?


Big amounts of vitamin C as well as antioxidants found in pineapple prevents the macular degeneration which it starts affecting us as we get older and also it will help our circulatory system.


Bromelain and Potassium are found in this very tropical treat.



So we know that consuming pineapple won’t replace medication prescribed by health professionals, but it can definitely help your immune system to fight some diseases.


Best of all, pineapple can be used in a lot of recipes and drinks and at the same time your taste buds will enjoy this powerful natural medication