When you’re physically or mentally active, you inevitably work up an appetite. You could be at the office, at the movies, camping, or driving, but regardless of what you’re doing, your hunger will make itself known. When this happens, it’s important to avoid processed foods. Dried pineapple is the best snack option, because it provides the following health benefits.


Why should you eat dried pineapple?


1. It’s a source of unprocessed calories

Eating dried pineapple provides you with smaller amounts of more calories, because when pineapple is dried out and moisture is removed, the amount of calories and sugar increases. Why is it important to know this? If you count the number of calories that you consume daily, you should take note that a whole 81 gram pineapple may contain up to 341 calories once it has been dried out. That’s not to say that you would eat an entire pineapple, but it can give you an idea of the calorie count so that you can take it into consideration.


2. It helps you to maintain a balanced weight and strong bones

You should eat dried pineapple in accordance with your fitness goals. If your nutritionist has recommended that you gain weight, you should include dried pineapple in your diet due to its high levels of vitamins B1, B6, and iron, which help other vitamins to be absorbed properly.


On the other hand, if you need to lose weight, small portions of dried pineapple will help to keep your energy levels up. In either of these cases, dried pineapple is filling and a healthier option than junk food, as it provides your body with nutrients.


3. It prevents non communicable diseases

Dried fruit is a source of antioxidants and fibre, both of which are recommended by the WHO as part of your daily diet. Dried pineapple is rich in fibre, aids in digestion, and provides your body with the energy it needs. The WHO also states that these properties can help prevent non communicable diseases such as obesity, heart disease, kidney disease, cancer, and diabetes.


You can eat dried pineapple anywhere, anytime


Save time and space. Just like other fruits, when pineapple is dried it can be stored for longer, which makes it an excellent choice for long trips because you don’t need to worry about refrigeration. It’s also filling and healthy, as fruit is much better for your body than any other processed foods.


Eating dried pineapple is merely one way to enjoy this tropical fruit and its many nutritional properties. Read more about:

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