Consuming pineapple definitely has many health benefits, whether you enjoy it cut into slices, dried, in a smoothie, or juiced. Natural foods always provide more nutrients than processed foods, and here, we’ll speak about why it’s beneficial to eat pineapple first thing in the morning.


Think of eating pineapple in the same way as drinking a glass of water in the morning. The difference is that pineapple provides significant health benefits to your body.


Three benefits of eating pineapple on an empty stomach



A natural digestif


Say goodbye to stomach pain and constipation. Avoid stomach problems caused by consuming too much red meat by eating pineapple first thing in the morning.


Bromelain, an enzyme in pineapple, breaks down proteins and amino acids quickly. Eating pineapple in the morning, before anything else, will provide your body with enough enzymes and fibre to avoid constipation.


A source of antioxidants and minerals



Say hello to natural energy, and goodbye to processed energy products. Your body won’t react well to the excessive use of artificial products. If you haven’t slept well and you need to go to work or school but you can’t seem to find the energy, eating some pineapple slices will give you your energy back, as it is rich in natural sugars that help to keep glucose levels balanced.

Eating pineapple on an empty stomach is also great for your immune system, as it causes proteins to oxidize more slowly. It will strengthen your bones as well, by providing minerals such as potassium.


Avoid water retention



Eating pineapple on an empty stomach is beneficial for the urinary system. Your kidneys will thank you for eating pineapple because it’s a diuretic, which means it will cause you to urinate more often, allowing your body to eliminate toxins naturally.


Remember to keep some pineapple slices or some juice made from this tropical fruit in the fridge. The Pan-American Health Organization (OPS) has stated that chronic kidney disease affects nearly 10% of the world’s population, and it can be avoided by eating pineapple on en empty stomach.