Our values



Sustainable development

How is the production process

of Golden pineapple?

Procesos de producción Pineapple

Fruit quality review, externally and internally.

Procesos de producción Pineapple

Cleaning and curing the pineapple in vegetable wax to preserve its shape for longer.

Procesos de producción Pineapple

Drying pineapple to remove residues and moisture.

Procesos de producción Pineapple

Packaging the pineapple and affixing of traceability labels to ensure good production management.

Procesos de producción Pineapple

Storage in a cold room where it is regulated to a suitable temperature maintaining the pineapple freshness and flavor.

Procesos de producción Pineapple

The container's transportation to foreign countries begins, where the pineapple has already been approved for entry through strict sanitary regulations.

Our certifications

These Pineapple Company certifications validate sustainability and social welfare

Quality in product and service. Compliance with food safety standards. Sanitation in production processes. Support for labelling. Improved conditions for employees.

Conservation of ecosystems. Protection of native flora and fauna. Rational use of agricultural inputs. Less soil erosion. Protection of workers’ rights. Social support to rural communities.

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