The many nutritional benefits of pineapple have made it one of the world’s favourite fruits, whether it’s being included in people’s diets to promote weight loss (due to its fat burning and purifying properties), or being enjoyed because of its delicious flavour.

Pineapple salad is one of many ways that you can enjoy this tropical delicacy. Here, we’ll share 2 pineapple salad recipes that will delight your taste buds.

Pineapple and seafood salad



5 pineapple slices.
1 bunch of green asparagus.
1 head of crisp green lettuce.
500 grams of shrimp.
500 grams of calamari rings.
1 can of coconut cream or milk.
1 eggplant cut into slices.
Salt and pepper.


To make a delicious pineapple and seafood salad, start by placing a pan on medium heat. Add a little sunflower oil and fry the eggplant until golden Place water in a large pot and place on medium heat. Once boiling, add asparagus to cook for 10 minutes.

In another pan on medium heat, add oil and fry shrimp and calamari rings for approximately 4 to 5 minutes. Then, add the pineapple slices cut into cubes and one spoonful of sugar, and cook for a few more minutes. When all ingredients are caramelized, add the coconut cream or milk, and turn off the stove.

To serve this delicious salad, place fried eggplant on a bed of crisp lettuce, then top with the seafood and pineapple. Use the asparagus to decorate the salad, sprinkle salt to taste, and enjoy.

Pineapple and cabbage salad



1 cabbage.
2 spoonfuls of mayonnaise.
½ a cup of cream.
1 ½ spoonfuls of sugar.
Salt and pepper to taste.
1 cup of cubed pineapple in juice.
Raisins to taste (optional).


Cut the cabbage into thin strips. Add the cabbage to boiling water for around 30 seconds or until it’s cooked through, then strain. Allow the cabbage dry as much as possible.

Add cream, mayonnaise, salt, butter, and sugar in a bowl and mix well. Add the cabbage pineapple, and raisins in a separate bowl and then add the previously mixed dressing.

Toss the salad well and enjoy.

These pineapple salad recipes are delicious and easy to make. You don’t need to be a professional chef, simply follow the steps that we’ve shared in these recipes and take some time to enjoy these delicious, healthy salads.